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What is the Difference between GRE and GRP Pipes?

Feb. 21. 2023

The main difference between GRE and GRP is the resin used to bond the glass fibers. The pipe is used in industrial applications because it can withstand higher temperatures compared to GRP pipe.

Glass fiber reinforced plastic pipeline is very popular in recent years in the shipbuilding industry and attention, special ships such as oil tanker, the chemical tanker, offshore platform and so on the ship's ballast system, at the request of the foreign ship used in FRP pipe and accessories, it has the advantage that, in addition to conducting electrostatic, still has a lot of advantages, such as lightweight, generally of the same size of glass fiber reinforced plastic pipeline was only 35% of the carbon steel pipe weight.

GRP Pipes

 GRP Pipes     

What are GRE and GRP?

Glass-reinforced epoxy (GRE) material is an alternative to carbon steel pipe and is particularly suitable for corrosive, aggressive, and normal work and is stronger than regular GRP pipe.

What is FRP pipe?

FRP stands for glass fiber reinforced plastic. It is a material consisting of a fiber-reinforced polymer matrix. LANDYOUNG GROUP is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, design, production, and service of wire mesh products, FRP products, concrete pipes, and related production equipment. 

The difference between the GRE pipeline and the GRP pipe industry

GRE: Glass-reinforced epoxy GRE tube: Glass-fiber reinforced epoxy resin tube;

GRP: glass-reinforced plastics GRP tube, Glass fiber reinforced plastic pipe.

GRP Pipe

 GRP Pipe         

FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastics) is the general term for glass Fiber Reinforced composites, which is the general term for FRP, which contains the GRE and GRP.FRP composed of matrix material and reinforced material, we have to call the GRE is different because the base material, sometimes called GRP pipe industry, substrate materials for resin commonly, for glass fiber reinforced material, adding other materials in the production process of obtaining more excellent performance, such as adding graphite or carbon fiber conducting electrostatic performance can be obtained, using phenolic resin as matrix material, can obtain the ability of high resistance to high temperature, can instantly under the high temperature of 3000 degrees Celsius.

How do I repair my GRE pipe?

Begin the pipe leak repair project by mixing the epoxy stick and tightening the pipe clamp next to the pipe leak. Slide the stainless steel clamp and gently tighten the adjustable fasteners of the stainless steel clamp to the leak location. The leak should be reduced or completely stopped. To get the grp pipe price list, please contact us!

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What is the difference between FRP and fiberglass?

FRP is a composite material in which high-strength fibers are contained in a polymer matrix. Fiberglass or GRP is a composite material made of glass fibers using polyester, vinyl, or epoxy resins as polymers. It is used in the manufacture of gliders, boats, and bathtubs.

Why use FRP?

FRP is known for its lightweight. In fact, it is about eight times heavier than reinforced concrete - which means that FRP is also less labor-intensive to use and install, and requires less equipment. The material also requires less labor in the removal process.

Is FRP waterproof?

A: FRP is absolutely waterproof. Just like any other building material, it does have an absorption rate, but it is very low compared to wood or something similar. In these environments, wood will absorb a lot of moisture and warp, and metal will corrode.

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