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FRP Profile Factory

LANDYOUNG FRP profile factory can manufacture all kinds FRP profile products,FRP SMC products,FRP pultrusion products and FRP hand lay-up products according to customer's requirements.

Molding hydraulic press machine: 10 sets

FRP SMC molded products: FRP panel, water tank panel, FRP shell, FRP cable bracket, FRP Anti-glare Plate, FRP molded grating, FRP box, FRP warning sign, FRP manhole cover etc.

Pultrusion machine: 8sets

FRP pultrusion products: FRP sheet pile, FRP marker post, FRP radome, FRP support beam, FRP cable tray, FRP pultruded grating, FRP round pipe, FRP rectangular pipe etc.

FRP hand lay-up products: FRP elbow, FRP flange, FRP tee, FRP shell, FRP fittings, FRP damper, FRP flap valve, FRP biological deodorization equipment etc.