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GRP Pipes

GRP pipe and FRP pipe refer to glass fiber reinforced plastic pipes, which are composite materials made of fiber reinforced polymer matrix. They have very high corrosion resistance and are therefore widely designed for weather resistance, corrosion resistance and durability. Recently, GRP pipes are slowly replacing steel in various services such as fire water services. At the same time, GRE or GRP pipes can withstand high pressures. The difference is that the FRP Pipes acronym is primarily used in the United States and Canada while most other countries use the term, GRP Pipes. It has very high corrosion resistance, so it is widely used in low-temperature corrosion-resistant applications.We produce grp pipe and export to UAE, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Australia, Thailand, and other countries, and are well aware of grp pipe price per meter. To get the grp pipe price list, please contact us!


GRP pipe (Glass Reinforced Plastics pipes) Description

GRP pipe and FRP pipe refer to glass fiber reinforced plastic pipes, which are composite materials made of fiber reinforced polymer matrix. It has very high corrosion resistance, so it is widely used in low-temperature corrosion-resistant applications.


The manufacturing process of GRP pipes

LANDYOUNG GRP pipe is manufactured in accordance with international standard using Helical FILAMENT winding process and Continuous FILAMENT winding process on computer controlled machines.

Helical FILAMENT winding process(Bell and spigot joints)

GRP Pipe is manufactured using the helical (reciprocal) filament winding process by which impregnated glass fiber reinforcement with resin are applied onto a precision steel mandrel in a prescribed pattern. Repeated grp pipes uses of wetted fibers results in a multi-layered structural wall construction of the required thickness.

Continuous FILAMENT winding process(Coupling joints)

GRP Pipe is manufactured on a continuous filament winding machine. This machine consists of a mandrel composed of a helical wound continuous steel band, supported by beams forming a cylindrical shape. As the formed mandrel turns creating a multi-layered structural wall of the required thickness.

Applications(GRP pipes projects)

● Infrastructure &Municipal

● Industrial

● Water Diversion

● Desalination

● Power Plant

● Petrochemicals

● Oil & Gas and Marine

● Agriculture Irrigation

● Storm Water

● Cooling Water

● Hydropower penstock


Minimum 50 years service life, Corrosion resistance

LANDYOUNG GRP pipes are manufactured with corrosion-resistant non-metallic raw materials. Since corrosion is not a problem, cathodic protection and extra insulation against corrosion are not needed; thus operational expenses and difficulties do not exist. Resistant to internal and external corrosion. Therefore, no additional lining or external coating is required. Fiberglass composites outperform CS and SS when considering the strength per unit weight ratio.

Light weight

Weight of GRP pipe:1/4 of steel pipes; 1/10 of concrete pipes

● Can be transported as nested, providing great savings

● Quick and easy installation, no need for heavy and expensive equipment

Excellent hydraulic properties

Hazen Williams flow coefficient is 150(c=150). Due to the low friction losses, less pumping energy is required.Compared to steel and concrete pipes, same flow rates can be ensured using smaller diameters.
No lime or deposit formation inside

Dimensional stability

Fiberglass materials meet the most stringent standards for material stiffness, dimensional tolerances, weight and cost.

Low maintenance

Fiberglass tubing is easy to maintain because it does not rust, is easy to clean, and requires minimal environmental protection.

Unlimited service area-application in every environment

● Can be installed underground, aboveground, and also underwater.

● Bell and spigot joints and coupling joints ensure total leak-tightness.

● Flexible:successful experience in earthquake regions

● Can be installed inside old lines for relining.

● LANDYOUNG GRP pipes are environmentally friendly

Product Range and properties

LANDYOUNG offers a wide product range of GRP pipes and fittings to meet dimensional catalogue requirements of any project.

Length: 6m, 12 m(grp pipe standard) / 2m-18m (with request)

Diameter(DN): 15mm-4000 mm.

Rigidity(SN): 2500 N/m2-10000 N/m2

grp pipe pressure rating(PN): Gravity-32 bar.

GRP Pipes


As a grp pipe manufacturer and factory in China, we mainly supply grp pipe to UAE, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Gujarat,India, Oman, south Africa, Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Malaysia, Chennai, Dubai, Hyderabad, Iran, Pakistan, Tamilnadu, Vadodara, turkey and other countries and regions.

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