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GRP Damper (FRP Damper)

GRP Damper (FRP Damper) is an adjustable device for controlling the air volume. According to the principle of industrial ventilation, the relationship between the setting requirements of the air volume in the treatment system and the power consumption of the system, as well as the characteristics of the pollutants, is expected to achieve the overall balance requirements, so that the system is in the best operating state.


LANDYOUNG GRP Damper (FRP Damper) is critical for applications with corrosive elements that exist primarily in the form of fumes or vapors. They can be installed where ventilation systems require balancing, backflow prevention applications or fume extraction systems. They consist of glass fiber and isophthalic polyester resin with joints patched with industrial grade epoxy adhesives. Isophthalic polyester resins have a Class I flame spread rate of 25 or less. Dampers and louvers are cataloged in standard sizes, but multi-panel construction with reinforcement is available for larger size assemblies.

Designed with international standardized standards, customized products such as vinyl ester saturated resin and other raw materials.

Application of GRP damper

FRP dampers are widely used in the treatment and transportation of corrosive gases, mainly used in waste gas treatment in the electronics industry, waste gas treatment in the semiconductor industry, waste gas treatment in the PCB industry, waste gas treatment in the chemical industry, waste gas treatment in the electroplating industry, and metal treatment industries Waste gas treatment, waste gas treatment in the paper industry, waste gas treatment in wastewater treatment plants and other regional projects.

Advantages and features of GRP dampers 

• The surface of the FRP damper is treated with enhanced hardness and anti-ultraviolet aging

• Material is suitable for all kinds of acid and alkali

• Can be installed on the duct

• Easy to maintain and repair in structure

• Safety has been considered in the design

• Adjustable air volume during operation


FRP damper can be designed and customized according to user requirements.

LANDYOUNG offers FRP damper for harsh environments. if you are suffering from equipment corrosion and failure due to environmental conditions, please call us.

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