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FRP Duct

FRP duct (GRP duct) is entwined with glass and resin fibers, and is used for direct underground burial to serve any commercial application.


FRP Duct can be round or rectangular and be designed for wind, seismic, snow, pressure, vacuum, and temperature to meet customer's specifications and requirements.

FRP duct offers numerous advantages over traditional ducting materials such as galvanized, stainless steel and PVC coated metals.

FRP Duct-Advantages and properties

● Light Weight

● High Strength

● Non-Conductive

● Corrosion Resistant

● Long service life

FRP Duct-Applications

● Wastewater Treatment Plants

● Petrochemical Plants

● Laboratory Exhaust

● Glass and Metal Foundries

● Clean Rooms

● Plating & Metal Finishing Facilities

● Micro-Electronic Plants

● Pulp and Paper Industry

● Aerospace Industry

● Automotive Industry

● Marine Exhaust Systems

● Food Processing Facilities

● Pig& chicken house

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