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LANDYOUNG GRP pipe factory mainly produces GRP pipe, GRP Jacking pipe and FRP FGD system piping, FRP Duct etc. The GRP pipe, GRP Jacking pipe and FRP FGD system piping are manufactured by Helical FILAMENT winding process and Continuous FILAMENT winding process on computer controlled machines, and FRP duct is manufactured by hand lay-up process. All the products comply with factory standard, national standard and international standard.

8 production lines Helical FILAMENT winding process(Bell and spiogot joints)
Annual Capacity: 150km

6 production lines Continuous FILAMENT winding process(Coupling joints)
Annual Capacity: 450km

LANDYOUNG offers a wide product range of GRP pipes and fittings to meet Specific requirements of any project.

Length: 6m,12 m(standard) / 2 m-18m (with request)

Diameter(DN) : 15mm-4000 mm.

Rigidity(SN): 2500 N/m2-10000 N/m2

Pressure(PN): Gravity-32 bar.