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Angle Iron Bracket vs FRP Cable Bracket: Which One to Choose?

Sep. 27. 2022

For a long time, cable supports have been made mainly of metal angle iron cable supports and cement cable supports. Angle iron cable brackets are longer as metal brackets are simply rolled from steel or angle iron, which is both economical and easily available. The laying of power cables has been used for a long time as the main option in one area, but the material weaknesses of angle iron brackets have become increasingly prominent in their use of them.


1. Electrical damage caused by cables and metal eddy currents, accounting for more than 50% of the iron loss of cables.


2. Easy to rust and easy to corrode, anti-rust paint and hot zinc technology can not be avoided, low service life.


3. Limited use in harsh environments such as subways, tunnels, chemical companies, and rainy or humid coastal or coastal salt spray.


4. The production process is energy-intensive, with many processes and long lead times.

FRP Cable Bracket

 FRP Cable Bracket

FRP cable bracket support is a steel frame made of composite material with synthetic resin as the binder and glass fibre and its products as the reinforcing material. It is suitable for cable laying in various cable sections and has good tensile and bending strength. This is very good.


1. The composite material made of synthetic resin as binder and glass fibre and its products as reinforcing material is called FRP. Because of its high strength, comparable to steel, it is also known as FRP.


2. Lightweight and high strength FRP weighs only 1.4-2.0, i.e. 1/4-1/6 of ordinary steel grating, and about 1/3 lighter than aluminium, with mechanical strength up to or exceeding the level of ordinary carbon steel. For example, the tensile and flexural strength of some epoxy and unsaturated polyester FRP is above 400 Pa, which has reached or exceeded the level of some special alloy steel in terms of specific strength.

 FRP Cable Bracket

  FRP Cable Bracket

3. Excellent chemical resistance, FRP and ordinary metal electrochemical corrosion mechanism are different, it does not conduct electricity, and there will be no ions dissolved in the electrolyte, so the atmosphere, water and general concentration of acid, alkali, salt, etc. The medium has good chemical stability, especially strong non-oxidizing acids and a good range of media in a wide range of pH values. Some media that could not be used with stainless steel in the past, such as hydrochloric acid, chlorine, carbon dioxide, dilute sulphuric acid, sodium hypochlorite and sulphur dioxide, can now be solved with FRP.


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