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Guide to Choosing GRP storage tank

Dec. 08. 2023

GRP storage tank model in the choice of GRP raw materials, we have to choose the model through a series of design steps, the site size calculation

Guide to Choosing GRP storage tank

GRP storage tank

  • Preliminary data analysis and design: According to the material and its temperature, the material to be stored, to determine the temperature, pressure, larger use of pressure, higher use of temperature, lower use of temperature, corrosiveness of the medium, qualitative, vapour pressure, access, etc., these data as a basis for design.


  • Raw materials: For chemical storage tanks, the corrosiveness of the medium is an important factor in the consideration of tank materials. Corrosive materials depending on the working pressure, and working temperature can be decided on enamelled containers, and glass-lined containers, but also by the steel pressure vessel lined with rubber, porcelain, lined with PTFE to improve the corrosion resistance of the container.


  • Determine the form of GRP storage tanks: Different forms for different purposes, including horizontal, vertical, and the type of head. According to the process conditions, from the national scale series of containers, selected with the process conditions of each parameter (working pressure, working temperature, medium, volume) in line with the container type.


  • Determine the total volume: Plan to store the total volume of material


  • Determine the number of units and size: The total volume of materials stored divided by a glass fibre reinforced plastic tank calculated volume of the value obtained is the number of units of glass fibre reinforced plastic storage tanks required. Determine the suitable volume of the tank, the suitable volume of the tank according to the type of tank, the nature of the stored material, the size of the site can be supplied and equipment processing capabilities and other components of the comprehensive consideration of the decision to start determining the suitable volume of the tank, the total volume of the material to be stored in addition to the tank's suitable volume obtained by the numerical value is the table effect, the number of tables to determine the number of tables, and then go back to the initial set of suitable volume to be scheduling, and finally get the The real tank volume.


In the tank volume is determined, you can calculate the tank diameter and length (or height), first according to the size of the site to set an approximate diameter, and then according to the state of the equipment components (simplified body and head) of the scale scheduling of the diameter, the calculation of the length of the tank (or height), and then verify the length to diameter ratio, the length to diameter ratio should be taken into account in the shape of the shape to be practical, the size of the tank with the size of the other equipment class with, and with the dimensions of the workplace to adapt to.

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